Company Profile


COLDMAX is the leading Asian supplier of vacuum coolers,cold room installations,ice machinery and irrigation machine,with a wide experience in the market place and production capacity of up to 100 (vacuum) cooling systems per year!COLDMAX has a very strong focus on quality and innovation,and uses in-house developed evaporator (water vapor catcher,the heart of the vacuum cooler) for optimal cooling speed at minimal energy consumption.

Focusing on the preservation industrial,our company,COLDMAX,was founded in 2002,in the past 12 years,we have been striving for solving difficult and strive problems in this field.And now COLDMAX which has come through many challenges is becoming more and more mature and professional.Until now,we have achieved nine national patents and one CE certificate,successfully developed our own water vapor catcher for vacuum cooler.

COLDMAX is quickly building up a reputation in export markets like the United States,Mexico,Canada,Brazil,southeast Asia and Europe.Since 2012,we have started cooperated with our European agent to sell the machine to European market.In 2014,we continue to built our branch offices in the United States and Australia to provide the best service to the local people.