Company History
  • COLDMAX was founded and major in ice making machine and cold storage room.


  • Develop the export market.


  • Farming irrigation equipments invest to market, design,manufacture and install Lateral moving irrigation machine.


  • Verified as the enterprise of new and advanced technology.


  • lateral moving irrigation system achieved to precise GPS navigation.


  • 2004

    Create vacuum cooling machine by own.

  • 2011

    Win CE certification, set up EU agent and COLDMAX equipments assess to EU market.

  • 2013

    Win nine National Patents and private science and technology enterprise certification.

  • 2015

    Named as sightcing enterprice of Dongguan informatization and industrialization.

  • 2016

    Register branch company Dongguan Tianrun Farm technique Co.,Ltd. Major products include lateral moving irrigation machine,drip irrigation tape,seeding machine and related farming equipments.