Máquina de hielo en escarcha

  Como el proveedor líder de máquinas para fabricar hielo en Asia, Coldmax posee varias tecnologías de patentes en piezas centrales, que ayudan al sistema de fabricación de hielo a alcanzar una velocidad de enfriamiento óptima con un consumo de energía mínimo.

◎ Máquina de hielo en escarcha

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Máquina de hielo en escarcha

Flake ice features

Wide interface area and fast refrigeration
In same weight condition,flake ice has widest interface area compared with any other shape ice its plat feature.Wider interface area.better refrigeration effect.The efficiency is 2 to 5 times than tube ice and cube ice.

Cheap production cost
Production of flake ice is very economical,and only need 85KWs to produce 16’C water to one ton flake ice.

Good effect on food preservation
Flake ice is dry and soft without sharp angle,and could protect packaged foods during course cold storage package.

Commix thoroughly
Because of its wide interface and fast heat exchange, flake ice could to water rapidly and take away heat,also increase the moisture of mixture.

Convenient storage and transport
As the dry property,flake ice is hard to stick during low temperature storage or transport. So easy for storage and transport.

Flake ice machine

Application field

Seawater flake ice machine can be installed on fishing boats and make ice of seawater.The salvaged seafood could be fast cooled and kept fresh.Fishery is the main application field of flake ice machine in the world.


Aquatic product processing:
Flake ice machine could lower the temperature of processing medium, washing water and aquatic product so sa to prevent bacteria from growing and retain the freshness of aquatic product during processing.

Aquatic product processing

Foodstuff processing:
Say stir or second add butter on bread,use flake ice to fast cool to prevent ferment.

Foodstuff processing

Poutry meat processing:
The poultry meat will produce enormous heat during processing, so the flake ice could be used to cool poultry meat and also adjust product moisture to promote qualty.

Poutry meat processing

Vegetable delivery and preservation:
Currently, physical methods are used more on the delivery of product for the foodstuff security of vegetables,fruits,meats and so on.The flake ice have fast cooling effect and could create one low tempreature and high moisture environment,so as to insure vegetables will not infected by bacteria.

Vegetable delivery and preservation

Medical industry:
In many biosynthesis and chemosynthesis experiments,it is necessary to add agreat lot ice to control action speed and retain activity of organism.Flake ice is the idea cooling medium in this industry because of its sanitation and fast cooling speed features.

Medical industry

Concrete cooling:
Flake ice could be used as the water source of concrete stir, maximum proportion 80% and realize the effect of high efficiency and easy control.The concrete stirred under constant temperature will not crack because of physical deformation caused by temperature so as to insure the engineering quality and safety.In worldwide scope,flake ice concrete cooling system is widely applied in projects of high quality large-scale engineering like large-scale dam,high grade motorway.high-rise building and nuclear power plant construction,etc.

Concrete cooling

Ready mix plant flake ice system


COLDMAX Flake ice machine advantager / features

COLDMAX is leading Asian supplier with more than 10years experience.
The evaprator is made up of high quality alloy material by precisely welding and carefully surface treatment, which ensures the high effective heat conduction and longer life span.
The stainless steel ice scrapper could endure long time scrapping with high efficiency because of one-step forming without welding.
Stable operation and low failure rate.
Top Brand components:Bitzer,Danfoss,Siemens,LS,Schneider.


COLDMAX Freshwater flake ice machine


The fresh water flake ice machine is widely used in supermarket,restaurant,and slaughterhouse for food preservation.And also,the machine is used in leather processing,dye chemical industry,concrete concrete construction project,etc.

Standard working condition:ambient temp.is 25 Celsius,inlet water temp.is 20 Celsius,evaporative.is-20Celsius and condensing temp.is 40 Celsius,

COLDMAX Seawater flake ice machine(marine application)


Seawater flske ice machine could be used on fishing boat directly.In order to adapt to the sea woring condpletely stainless steel made with special design.And also we adopt intelligent control system to ensure safety and stable operation of the machine.

Standard working condition:ambient temp.is 25Celsius,inlet water temp.is 18 Celsius,evaporative.is -30Celsius and condensing temp.is 38 Celsius,

Technical parameters
Technical parameters

Technical parameters
Technical parameters